architectural walls

Solid Concrete Walls

Solid Concrete Walls specializes in cast-in-place decorative concrete wall systems ranging from smooth plywood finishes to distressed board form encompassing both modern and classic looks at a fraction of the installation time and cost of natural materials. It is as versatile as it is beautiful with an ideal blend of aesthetic beauty and functionality for use in a wide variety of commercial and residential applications. As a cast-in-place system, this is not a veneer, but a re-enforceable structural wall system ideal for retaining walls and foundation walls. In addition, its natural aesthetic beauty blends perfectly to non-structural applications such as subdivision entryways and landscaping accents.

The idea behind an architectural concrete form is to offer an architecturally aesthetic look to formed concrete. To achieve such architectural design, the concrete must be molded, or formed, before it is cured (or hardened). Once mixed, concrete can be sent via mixer trucks to be poured in place. Poured concrete is used for footings and foundations. Either way, architectural designs can be pressed into uncured concrete. Molds can be used within architectural concrete forming equipment. These molds are sometimes reusable. Other times, formwork is used where the concrete is poured in place, and the architectural concrete design is later exposed. In this way, the formwork can be removed and discarded after the curing process.

Architectural concrete forming is used for two main reasons: beautification and sturdiness. The designs in concrete can look delicate.