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By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

If you or a customer has a near-miss situation while working, notify your Supervisor immediately. The situation will be investigated and corrective action implemented to prevent future injury. Employees and witnesses must fully cooperate in the investigation.

If you are injured on the job:

1. Contact your Supervisor, or the nearest coworker (who should notify a Supervisor) if you are unable to contact your Supervisor due to the severity of your injury.

2. The designated employee who is trained in first-aid and/or CPR should be immediately notified to assist in the situation.

3. First aid kits, which are prominently displayed throughout the workplace, should be made available and medical supplies promptly refilled (by the Manager).

4. If needed, the Supervisor or his/her authorized representative should transport the injured worker to the company’s designated medical facility to receive appropriate medical attention.

5. If rescue personnel are summoned, the Supervisor should delegate an individual to wait for the rescue team and escort them to the injured employee.

6. All witnesses to the accident should be available to speak with the Management and/or Supervisor and cooperate in all accident investigations.

7. The Manager or immediate Supervisor should immediately notify the insurance company of the accident and file a workers’ compensation claim.

Every accident or near-miss situation should be reported immediately. Injured employees and witnesses to the accident will assist the Supervisor in completing an accident investigation. Injured employees must comply with the medical treatment provided by the treating physician and cooperate with the insurance company and its designees.