Solid Concrete Walls
By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

1. Has a contingency analysis been conducted to determine what emergencies might arise?

2. Have emergency plans and procedures been developed for potentially catastrophic events such as:

a. Fires

b. Explosions

c. Leaks and spills

d. Severe weather

e. Floods

f. Earthquakes

g. Bomb threats

h. Employee Violence

i. Theft/Robbery Attempts

j. Other

3. Do these plans provide for procedures for extinguishing different types of fires which might occur?

4. Do these plans have adequate evacuation and recovery procedures for each type of emergency?

5. Have responsibilities been assigned in the plan to specific personnel to direct operations and to respond to emergencies? Are these persons aware of their responsibilities? Are they qualified to lead in the necessary actions which might be required?

6. Are emergency crews qualified, designated and on site?

7. Are different communications channels assigned to support emergency operations?

8. Are there plans to evacuate personnel from each work site in the event of emergencies?

9. Are evacuation route and warning signals information posted in each work area? Are the evacuation routes and exits marked?

10. Can egress routes from work areas be followed by personnel in the dark or in smoke?

11. Are the emergency plans and procedures posted in prominent areas?

12. Have personnel received training in emergency procedures?

a. Workers

b. Supervisory personnel

c. Firefighters

d. Medical personnel

e. Communications personnel

13. Are there drills on simulated emergencies being conducted periodically for personnel?

14. Is there a procedure to ensure that all personnel have been alerted to the emergency and those who will not combat it have been evacuated?

15. Are the egress provisions adequate (i.e., doors, stairways, elevators) for the evacuation in the event of an emergency?

16. Do all doors open in the proper direction to facilitate egress of personnel in emergencies?

17. Are there procedures to preclude obstructions to personnel or equipment in critical evacuation or emergency equip-ment access routes or areas?

18. Is the emergency equipment called for in the emergency procedures available at the facility, and is it operational? Can the equipment be reached easily if an emergency occurs?

19. Are warning systems installed (sirens, loudspeakers, etc.) and are they tested periodically? Are all personnel familiar with the meanings of warning signals and required action to be taken?

20. Is there a fire detection system at each facility? Are fire extinguishers sized, located, and of the types required by standards, and are they suitable for the types of fires which might occur?

21. Is there fire-fighting equipment located near flammables or hazardous areas?

22. Are emergency telephone numbers posted for the fire department, ambulance, hospital emergency room, law enforcement, and others?