Solid Concrete Walls


By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

(1) The Business Owner or Manager will verify that all containers received for use will be clearly labeled with the following: (i)) contents, (ii)) the appropriate hazard warning (i.e. flammable, toxic, etc.), and (iii) the name and address of the manufacturer. Existing labels will not be removed or defaced on incoming containers.

(2) All materials on site are to be stored in their original container with the label attached.

(3) Any material with a label missing or illegible should be reported to the Supervisor immediately for proper labeling and/or disposal in accordance with the Material Safety Data Sheet.

(4) Stationary, secondary, or portable containers should be clearly labeled with either an extra copy of the original manufacturer's label or with generic labels which have a block for identification and blocks for the hazard warning.

(5) Signs, placards, or other written materials that convey specific hazard information may be used in place of individual container labels if there are a number of stationary process containers within a work area which store similar materials.

(6) Portable containers do not need to be labeled if the chemicals are transferred to labeled containers and used by the employee making the transfer during that shift. No unmarked containers of any size shall be left unattended in the work area.