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By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

The Business Owner or Manager will provide training to employees when hired, prior to handling chemi-cals for the first time within work area (i.e. due to chemical substitution, job reassignment) and routinely thereafter on the hazardous nature of chemical products. Training will include:

(a) The Hazard Communication Policy

(b) Chemicals present in workplace operations

(c) Physical and health effects of the hazardous chemicals

(d) Appropriate work practices and controls when using chemicals

(e) Emergency and first-aid procedures

(f) How to read labels and review an MSDS to obtain appropriate hazard information

(g) Location of the MSDS file and written hazard communications program

After attending the training class, each employee will sign a form to verify that they attended the training, received the written materials, and understand the company's policies on Hazard Communication. See the Training Documentation for Chemical Handling Procedures/Hazard Communication Program.