Solid Concrete Walls


By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

The goal is to provide prompt and immediate action in an emergency to protect life, property, and equipment.

1. Emergency Procedures

In case of emergency, the employee nearest the stricken person should call 911 (or the emergency phone number posted in your area) and direct a fellow employee to:

a. Notify the nearest Supervisor to come to the scene; and

b. Simultaneously dispatch available employees to quickly retrieve the first aid kit.

c. An individual trained in first-aid should apply emergency rescue procedures until medical assistance arrives.

The Manager should be notified. The President, Manager or the Department Supervisor (in that order) or their designees will decide whether or not to evacuate, inspect or shut down a facility.

2. Evacuation Procedures

a. Each area will be assigned a primary and an alternate Evacuation Coordinator by the Manager or the Department Supervisor. They will be responsible for the effective evacuation of all persons. If neither is availa-ble, the Supervisor is then responsible for evacuation.

b. When alerted by alarm or by the Evacuation Coordinator(s) to evacuate, employees should:

(i) Properly secure all classified materials in your possession and assure all classified containers and areas are properly locked.

(ii) Proceed to the nearest designated area of safety (i.e. fire – exit building, tornado – interior corridor – away from exterior windows and/or lowest level at the building) and assemble in the designated area.

(iii) Remain in the designated area, until instructions are provided.