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By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

Driver Conduct at the Scene of the Accident

(1) Take immediate action to prevent further damage or injury.

- Pull onto the shoulder or side of the road.

- Activate hazard lights (flashers) and place warning signs promptly.

- Assist any injured person, but don’t move them unless they are in danger of further injury.

(2) Call the Police

- If someone is injured, request medical assistance.

- If you are near a phone, write a note giving the location and seriousness of the accident and give it to a “reliable” motorist and ask him/her to contact the police.

(3) The vehicle should not be left unattended, except in an extreme emergency.

(4) Exchange identifying information with the other driver. Make no comments about assuming responsibility.

(5) Secure names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses, or the first person on the scene if no one witnessed the accident.

(6) Call the company immediately and report the accident to the Manager or Supervisor.

Complete the Vehicle Accident Report Form

(1) Complete the Vehicle Accident Report Form. A copy can be obtained from the insert title of person responsible for fleet safety within your organization here such as Manager, Supervisor, Fleet Manager or Safety Director, Human Resources Manager, etc. and provide it to the insert title of person listed that should receive completed Accident Report Form here. Write legibly. Answer all questions completely or mark “not known.” Use additional sheets of paper as needed to provide pertinent information.