Solid Concrete Walls


By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

All drivers must regularly inspect, repair, and maintain their company vehicle. All vehicle parts and accessories must be in a safe and proper working order at all times. The following apply:

a. All truck drivers must complete the vehicle inspection report at the end of each day. Drivers of company cars should complete the vehicle inspection report semi-annually. Notify the insert title of individual that monitors fleet maintenance program here of any unsafe conditions or defective parts immediately.

b. Before the vehicle is driven again, any safety defects must be repaired.

c. A copy of the last vehicle inspection report must be kept in the vehicle for at least 3 months.

d. Quarterly preventative maintenance must be conducted on each vehicle.

e. Maintenance and inspection records must be kept at the company for 1 year or for 6 months after the vehicle leaves the company’s ownership.

f. All vehicles are subject to a search at any time.