Solid Concrete Walls


By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

All employees are responsible for safety. The following safe operating procedures apply to all employees working within this organization.

a. Emergency telephone numbers should be posted on at least one telephone on each level within the building. Emergency phone numbers would include: ambulance service, local hospital/medical facility, fire, law en-forcement, poison control center, etc.

b. Comply with all established safety rules, regulations, procedures, and instructions which are applicable to you as a member of this organization.

c. Promptly report all accidents, hazards, incidents, and near-miss occurrences to your immediate supervisor, regardless of whether or not injury or property damage was involved.

d. Do not visit, talk to, or distract another employee who is operating equipment, or who is engaged in a work activity where the possibility of injury exists.

e. Do not participate in horseplay, scuffling, pushing, fighting, throwing things, or practical jokes.

f. Observe all no-smoking signs and regulations.

g. Do not run on company premises.

h. Use handrails on steps, elevated platforms, scaffolds, or other elevations.

i. Assist others and ask for assistance in lifting and carrying heavy or awkward objects.

j. Firearms, ammunition, and explosives are prohibited on company premises.

k. Personal stereos with headphones are not to be worn in the workplace.

l. Alcohol and drug use and possession on company property of these substances are strictly prohibited.

m. Seat belts must be worn at all times while operating or riding in a company vehicle, or in a vehicle (employ-ee owned or company owned) when on company property or when traveling within a vehicle (employee owned or company owned) on company business off company property.