Solid Concrete Walls


By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

Over the next several weeks, I will be blogging about safety in the workplace for residential concrete construction.

To ensure the health and safety of all employees, we encourage all employees to adhere to the following safety and health responsibilities:

  • All employees must report to work at the start of each day physically and mentally qualified to perform his/her duties. If not physically and mentally able to perform his/her work, the employee will not be permitted to be on the project.

  • Comply with instruction of supervisors, and abide by all safety rules, practices, and procedures.

  • Attend a new employee orientation program on the safety and loss control program.

  • Understand the safe and proper way to perform the work assignment and request additional training in the proper discharge of your task if needed.

  • Use personal protective gear as required.

  • Wear safe, non-flammable, non-synthetic clothing including proper footwear (no tennis shoes). Tank tops and shorts will not be permitted on the work site.

  • Report all accidents, injuries and near-miss incidents to direct supervision and cooperate with investigation efforts.

  • No alcohol or drug abuse on the job.

  • Work according to good safety practices as posted, instructed, and discussed.

  • Refrain from any unsafe act that might endanger himself or his fellow workmen.

  • Attend weekly tool box meetings and be accountable for applying increased safety knowledge to work habits.

  • Maintain good housekeeping practices – keep site clear of obstructions and tripping dangers.

  • Do not operate any equipment unless properly trained