Solid Concrete Walls


By Stalin Britto

By Ethan Davis

Supervisors should hold a minimum of 1-4 safety meetings per month.

  • All employees are required to attend safety training meetings if they are present at work the day of the meeting. Exceptions should be cleared in writing with your immediate Supervisor the first full workday proceeding the day of the safety meeting. Employees and Supervisors should offer comments and safety suggestions at the safety meeting and regularly throughout the work week as needed.

  • Safety training will be conducted on a topic announced in advance of the meeting.

  • Supervisors should update employees on any changes in procedures, new equipment, and general safety issues.

  • Emergency procedures will be periodically reviewed.

  • Employees are reminded to put safety first and look out for their coworker.

  • Employees with outstanding safety records will be recognized during these meetings. Quizzes and surveys may be administered after safety training or meetings.

  • Supervisors should provide a summary of the safety issue(s) discussed and verbally review the information with all employees that may have been absent from that month’s safety meeting.

  • The Safety Training Log should be completed following every safety meeting/training session and maintained by the Manager or the Department Supervisor.