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Solid Concrete Walls

While Solid Concrete Walls only began business in 2011, its construction team has been providing footings & foundations around the Salt Lake Valley for over 15 Years. We run multiple Footing & Foundation Crews that provide both experience and timeliness on your job site.

Our Project Managers have over 50 years of experience between them. They are reliable and will do their best to answer any questions that you have or may come up with to make the footing & foundation go as smooth as possible.

We can form wall heights from 2 feet on up. Solid Concrete Walls excels at specializing in the difficult projects. We have 9 foot aluminum and Big Panel forming systems to help those projects move a little faster and aid with that time schedule crunch we all seem to face. We recognize that moving on and off the job in an efficient, clean, and fast manner is important to our clients.We try to maximize our efforts by using cranes to move all of our forms. We understand that being able to reach someone when you have questions or concerns on a project is a priority and we do our best to listen and solve any issues you may have. We will always do our best to keep your project on time and fix any problems that may arise.

We have been completing commercial and residential projects for over 15 years, and are more than capable of meeting your needs and providing a valuable service that you can count on.All projects are assigned a Crew, 2nd man, Crew Leader, Project Manager & Office support, helping to make your building experience with us a smooth and enjoyable experience.Solid Concrete Walls also provides shop drawings from our In-house AutoCad Department, and dedicated Layout Crews to ensure layouts are correct with every strap, bolt, rebar, and angle done appropriately.

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