automated layout

Solid Concrete Walls

Our Foundation Layout is accomplished by using the "Trimble 5600 Total Station" and the "Leica Layout System". This is a one man operated Robotic System combined with Autocad. This enables us to accurately layout the footings and foundation walls. This system of layout is far more accurate and efficient than traditional layout methods.

The Custom CAD is used to set foundation control points in a saved file. This file is then downloaded into the Trimble 5600 and taken out to the jobsite for the project layout. Custom CAD is also used to create Field/Shop Drawings for the Project Managers and for their crews. These Field/Shop Drawings enable accuracy and helps eliminate confusion and costly errors on the jobsite. This idea of providing our team with the correct and accurate tools has caught the eye of many of the contractors we work for.

Our AutoCAD and Layout team work hand in hand with your architect and Engineer to be as accurate, efficient, and effective as possible. They are customer service oriented and look forward to taking care of your Layout needs.