board form

Solid Concrete Walls

Board formed concrete has been around for a very long time, and is now becoming very popular among home builders. Here at SCW, we are at the forefront of this unique architectural design and our technique and application can beautify any home. SCW can assist you and help celebrate the use of superior concrete designs in the residential industry. "Board-formed Concrete" is the name for a process of patterning concrete that leaves a wood grain image on the finished face of the concrete wall or surface. It is a method of forming that is being used more frequently throughout the country as it is extremely well-suited as a finished material in modern and contemporary design. By forming with real wood, the wood grain on the surface of the concrete visually softens and warms its otherwise somewhat cold appearance. We at SCW have worked hard and have developed many different wall designs using various techniques to achieve many different looks. We have found that in using wood you can achieve both a modern and also an old school feel depending on design and different forming techniques. Board form concrete can be widely diverse and unique with many different applications. SCW has prepared several mock-up designs at its headquarters with many different styles to assist you in coming up with your own pattern that we can customize to meet any need and fit any project and budget.