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Chemical Handling Safety - Data Sheets

By Ethan Davis

(1) Any product having a hazardous warning on its label requires a MSDS.

(2) The manufacturer, distributor, or vendor shall provide the MSDS for the hazardous product.

(3) All MSDS’s shall be forwarded to the Business Owner or Manager and reviewed by this individual and employees using the product to determine safe work practices and to determine what if any personal protective equipment may be needed. The MSDS’s will be maintained and kept at the following location:

(4) The MSDS provides:

- chemical information

- hazardous ingredients

- physical data, such as the potential for fire, explosion, and reactivity

- health hazards

- spill or leak procedures

- special protection and precautions

- personal protective equipment needed

- name, address, and phone of MSDS preparer or distributor