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Chemical Handling Safety - Non-Routine Tasks & Communication

By Ethan Davis

Periodically, employees are required to perform hazardous non-routine tasks.

Prior to starting work on such projects, each affected employee will be given information by the Busi-ness Owner or Manager about the hazardous chemical he/she may encounter during such an activity. This information will include specific chemical hazards, protective safety measures the employee can use, and measures the company has taken to lessen the hazards including ventilation, respirators, presence of other employees, and emergency procedures.

(1) The Business Owner or Manager shall advise contractors that may work at our facility and other clients of our Hazard Communication Program.

(2) Copies of the MSDS’s for all materials brought onto the site will be made available upon request to each client, contractor or visitor to the facility by the Business Owner or Manager.

(3) The Business Owner or Manager will also obtain chemical information from contractors that may expose our employees to hazardous chemicals which they bring into our workplace.