Solid Concrete Walls

Tips for Manual Lifting

By Ethan Davis

(1) Get a good footing.

(2) Place feet about shoulder width apart.

(3) Bend at the knees to grasp the weight.

(4) Keep back as straight as possible.

(5) Get a firm hold.

(6) Lift gradually by straightening the legs.

(7) Don’t twist your back to turn. Move your feet.

(8) When the weight is too heavy or bulky for you to comfortably lift - GET HELP.

(9) When putting the load down, reverse the above steps.

Note: If lifting stacked materials, materials should be carefully piled and stable. Piles should not be stacked as to impair your vision or unbalance the load. Materials should not be stacked on any object (i.e. floor, shelving units, ladders, scaffolds, etc.) until the strength of the supporting members has been checked.